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No restrictive diets. No meds. No stress.

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Popular Courses

The Blood Sugar System
The Blood Sugar System

Learn how to grow new new insulin-producing cells to easily keep blood sugar levels in check, while also slashing your risk of cardiovascular disorders, and other related complications.

The Perfect Weight Accelerator
The Perfect Weight Accelerator

Find out the unexpected tips that put losing weight and sweet desserts & snacks together. This is definitely not an "eat only this" or "stay away from that" program.

Blood Sugar Flash Meals
Blood Sugar Flash Meals

Discover more than 70 stress-free and full of flavour recipes that you can quickly pull together in less than 30 minutes, no matter how busy life gets.


The Blood Sugar System is an online coaching program specifically designed to normalize blood glucose by "activating" and growing new insulin-producing cells.

This program offers every tool you need to master the blood sugar game starting today:

An entire list of key-ingredients:
Quantities & clear instructions on how to use them in order to fix blood sugar quickly.

Cheat-sheets and shopping lists:
We do not want you to break a sweat, the more relaxed and stress-free you are, the faster you'll get results.

Custom diet meal plans:
Never have doubts about what to eat, these plans are very easy to stick to.

Full of smart blood sugar cutting tips & mouth-watering delights that anyone can eat guilt-free

Updates from our medical experts:
We're constantly digging through papers, asking around and keeping our eyes glued to any new study regarding blood sugar.

Private customer support:
You can freely ask questions at any hour, share your results, and, most importantly, get encouragement and support.

About Us

International Team

The Blood Sugar System gathers an international team of independent medical researchers, specialising in blood sugar management, weight loss and science-based nutrition.

Biggest Breakthroughs

Our entire work revolves around finding today's biggest breakthroughs in blood sugar management, with the one purpose of bringing them to individuals looking to reclaim their normal life and health independence.

Thousands of Studies

Together, we've dug up through over 150,000 studies, lab tests, and books about the root causes of blood sugar imbalances and insulin-producing cells to compile this program.